“The classical Music Market in Munich, organised by the Naxos Music Group, has developed into the most important meeting place for classical record labels and specialised distribution companies around the world, replacing Midem Classique. It offers a much needed platform for theindustry to come together, to discuss opportunities and to respond to common challenges in a fast changing market.”

Klaus Heymann, founding Chairman of the Naxos Music Group

What is the Naxos Music Market?
The Music Market is an annual opportunity for record labels and distributors to meet in congenial surroundings and participate in a well-structured programme of events held over two days. Dissemination of information about new releases, and discussion about the challenges and new opportunities within the industry form the order of the day. The conference is a highly focused, productive and pragmatic channel for conducting business.
Why do we need another conference?
While Midem Classique and Classical: NEXT offer networking opportunities for many players and parties of the music industry, their formats do not meet the specific needs of record labels and national distributors who want to meet their business partners to discuss plans and new projects. The Music Market was established as a direct response to the request of Labels who wanted to meet the Naxos distribution network during the annual Naxos Day distribution conference. Instead of past years’ meetings in noisy hotel lobbies, exhibition corridors and coffee shops, Naxos now offers an excellent infrastructure for labels and distributors to come together at the Music Market.
Who participates?
Any label that uses the Naxos distribution network – or is interested in the possibility of doing so – will find the Naxos Music Market to their advantage, whether operating on a global platform or in individual markets. Any distributors who are supplied by NGL, but operate outside the Naxos distribution network, will also benefit from what the conference has to offer.
The 2017 event will be special!
Naxos celebrates 30 years in 2017 and there will be anniversary celebrations in Munich in conjunction with the 2017 Music Market and Naxos Day.

“The Naxos Music Market offers the most convenient opportunity to meet with our worldwide distribution partners and explore new business opportunities.”
Opus Arte

“The Naxos conference was a huge success. Well organized, well attended.”
Yarlung Records

What is the format of the conference?
There are two principal areas of activity. Record labels are allotted individual tables at which representatives can conduct discussions with distributors. They may also take the opportunity to give a presentation about their label, plus details of any new releases, during the plenary sessions.
What makes it special?
Delegates find themselves at the centre of proceedings, not on the periphery. The essential, face to-face element of conducting business in a comfortable setting, often lacking in other comparable gatherings, is paramount at the Naxos Music Market. Collaboration between all parties operating in the current difficult market is a major contributory factor to its success. Representatives from more than 60 independent labels and music distributors working in more than 30 countries attended the 2015 Naxos Music Market. We confidently expect these numbers to grow, and sincerely hope that you will form part of that expansion.
What is the daily structure of events?
The Music Market opens in the main hall with updates from major countries about market developments, including a “mystery market”, which was China in the last edition. This is followed by with brief presentations by labels who introduce and demo their new releases for the distributors; and depending on how many labels want to give a presentation, will continue on the following morning. The rest of the time is reserved for bilateral meetings between labels and distributors at the label’s assigned tables. There are coffee breaks, lunches and a cocktail reception at the venue, providing ample opportunities for networking and meeting new contacts. There is also a tour to NGL for those who are interested in visiting the largest classical music warehouse and logistics facility in the world.
What are the details of the next Naxos Music Market?
Dates: 16 and 17 May 2017
Venue: The Hilton Munich City Hotel, Munich, Germany
Note: The 2017 Music Market, will precede Classical: NEXT
Cost: €95 per delegate, per day. This covers food & beverage (buffet lunch, morning & afternoon coffee breaks with food, cocktail reception, free flow of coffee/tea/soft drinks), the use of high end, surround sound audio/video equipment, plus free Wi-Fi.
How do I apply?
Register for the 2017 Naxos Music Market at www.naxos.de/musicmarketmunich2017
Further Information:
General enquiries: astrid.angvik@naxos.com
Participation, registration and label presentations: Sascha Braunreuther: br@naxos.de